Neustart Ketamine Infusion Therapy; scientists agree it is
the most remarkable breakthrough in the past 50 years

Ketamine Infusion treatment for major depression and other disorders is widely considered to be “one of the greatest achievements in the field of Psychiatry in the 21st century” throughout the scientific community. The drug, initially developed in 1962 during the Vietnam war, was the solution to a challenge faced by military medical operatives: the need for an anaesthetic that would relieve pain without reducing blood pressure.

Soldiers suffering from severe blood loss were likely to develop serious complications when treated, as traditional anaesthetics caused a significant decrease in blood pressure. With Ketamine’s ability to stabilise blood pressure, it not only saved the lives of thousands of soldiers during the Vietnam war, but it also continues saving lives today. This makes Ketamine the most popular emergency anaesthetic in modern times.

Recent research has found another breakthrough for the use of Ketamine. The drug has been discovered to hold incredible anti-depressive properties and has been successful in treating many disorders including depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. Ketamine’s safety profile makes it the anaesthetic of choice for particularly weak or elderly patients, for children as well as animals during veterinary surgery. Other health-related afflictions are also being treated successfully using Ketamine, such as chronic pain, migraine, fibromyalgia and neuropathy.

The doses used for treating the above disorders are considerably lower than those used during surgical procedures. Not only is Ketamine Infusion Therapy entirely safe for use when carefully applied with patient-specific doses, but the desired result is also so much quicker and more effective than conventional treatment.

Treatment Options for Major Depressive Disorder

Neustart Ketamine Therapy Infusions – The elegantly efficient treatment for depression

Neustart ketamine infusions are a revolutionary method for effectively treating depression. Unlike traditional antidepressants, which can take several weeks or months before their effects take place, Neustart infusion treatments are fast-acting. They are an optimum solution for a variety of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain conditions.

Neustart Ketamine infusions are especially effective for treating disorders that are treatment-resistant, or for those who have endured several traditional or alternative treatment options.

The main advantages of Neustart Ketamine infusions are:

Immediate Relief. While traditional antidepressants can take several weeks or months for their full effect to be felt, Neustart ketamine treatments can offer relief from the symptoms of depression almost immediately.

Fewer adverse side effects. Due to the often-unpleasant side effects of traditional antidepressants, their discontinuation rate is relatively high — 28% discontinuation within four weeks and 44% after three months. However, any side effects of Neustart infusions typically wear off within only hours, providing patients immediate relief without suffering the long-term side effects of conventional antidepressants such as loss of libido, weight gain, fatigue, and anxiety.

Highly effective. The effect of antidepressants can be hit-or-miss — often only 5-10% higher than that of placebo. While research has found standard Ketamine infusions to have a significantly higher response rate of 50-60%, Neustart infusions eminently have been found to have results of over 70%, with effects lasting much longer.

Ketamine Infusion for Quick Relief of Chronic Pain

What is Medical Ketamine?

Ketamine, is sometimes used in emergency situations for its exceptional anaesthetic properties. It induces anaesthesia by initially eliminating the sensation of pain, subsequently followed by……

Treatment of Depression

Neustart ketamine infusion gives quick relief with signs of depression.

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Stop all aches and pains successfully with Ketamine Infusion Treatment.

Treatment of Migraines

Neustart Ketamine Infusion can dissolve migraine headache attacks within hours.

Treatment of Anxiety

Neustart Ketamine Infusions can help treat anxiety disorder.

Treatment of Burnout

Neustart Ketamine Infusion Therapy can succesfully treat Chronic Stress displayed as Burnout Syndrome.

Treatment of PTSD

Neustart Ketamine Infusion Treatment for Major Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The main benefits of Neustart Ketamine Treatment

The effects of Neustart Ketamine Infusions can be felt ranging from just minutes to hours — compared to several weeks for traditional antidepressants — and is typically much longer lasting.

This type of treatment is so effective and fast acting due to the consequential ‘rewiring’ of the brain and often referred to as a brain overhaul or rejuvenation. It works by increasing the levels of a brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF – the brain’s growth and development hormone. High levels of BDNF found in young children, which is what helps them to learn quickly, think flexibly and imaginatively, and always seem cheerful. Neustart Ketamine Infusions help the brain to optimise its levels of BDNF, therefore rejuvenating the brains of adult patients.

During this rejuvenation process, Neustart Infusions also work by blocking a neurotransmitter called glutamate, which further helps the brain to overhaul itself.

Glutamate is one of the main contributing factors to depression and other anxiety-related disorders, migraines, and fibromyalgia. It causes these adverse conditions by disconnecting the brain’s networks, disrupting healthy communication between various areas of the brain. This can be compared to removing the fuses in a house, making it dark, cold, and disconnected. Neustart Ketamine Infusions work by blocking glutamate at the receptor sites in the brain and replacing the ‘fuses’ by reconnecting the brain’s vast network system.

There is currently no conventional antidepressant available that can reconnect these networks within the brain as quickly and effectively as Neustart Ketamine Infusions. Additionally, while one potential side effect of conventional antidepressants is the development of headaches, Neustart infusions are incredibly effective for the treatment of pain such as migraines and fibromyalgia.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy Specialised Treatment Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and Croatia

Is Ketamine EMA/FDA approved for the Treatment of Depression?

Despite its profound effects, Ketamine has not yet been EMA-approved (FDA in the US) as a treatment for depression. The patent for Ketamine use as a medicine has expired; the medical Ketamine formula is now public domain. Because of this, the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in the lengthy and expensive approval procedures required for officiating Ketamine as a medical drug. Ketamine is currently only used in private clinics as an ‘off-label’ treatment procedure. However, extensive clinical research has determined Ketamine to be a safe and efficient treatment for a range of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain conditions.

The results of several studies have offered some insight as to how Ketamine works to alleviate the symptoms of psychiatric disorders, although it is not yet fully understood precisely how. What is known is that Ketamine, its metabolites, and their combinations significantly improve the chemistry of the brain.

It allows the brain to develop and improve communication channels, increasing its agility and flexibility while making it more capable of reducing the likelihood of dysfunctional thought patterns and negative emotions.

Many professionals agree that Ketamine treatment helps patients to become well enough to be more receptive to other forms of treatment. By tackling and alleviating the various symptoms of depressive disorders, Ketamine helps the brain to positively engage with other treatment options and aid the recovery of the patient. Neustart Ketamine infusions are optimised for dose levels, frequency and length of treatment for the necessities of each patient. There is no single, standard level of treatment — each patient receives the best treatment suitable for his or her needs.

Experience and Expertise in Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Special Diploma – Professional Ketamine Training

Medical practices specialising in the medical administration of Ketamine — are becoming more widespread; although the experience, quality, and expertise offered by these clinics can vary significantly. Most of these Ketamine clinics typically use an outdated Ketamine Infusion protocol that was developed almost 20 years ago. Many doctors using the standard infusion treatment are unaware these infusions were never intended to treat depression.

Because of this, many doctors offering Ketamine infusions have little experience using Ketamine as a medicine. Despite their best intentions, they often rely on research reports and an old protocol due to a lack of specialist training in Ketamine therapy. While the infusions these doctors apply may not be harmful, they almost certainly won’t be as effective as they could be.

The Neustart Ketamine infusion treatment protocol only requires patients to receive five infusions in a single week, making it a much more time-efficient procedure. If necessary, up to seven Ketamine booster infusions can be applied over the space of one year.

Although the older Ketamine Infusion protocol is more effective than conventional antidepressant therapy — with a success rate of 50-70% — it is time-consuming and can be uncomfortable for the patient.

Up to 12 ketamine infusions— usually one every other day from anywhere between 12 and 28 days — are required for the older protocol to be effective. This time away from family can be difficult and costly for the patient. If successful, the patient would need maintenance infusions every 2-4 weeks indefinitely, making the older protocol even more expensive and time-consuming.

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In my practice, you can make your appointments flexible. Even evening appointments or weekend appointments or home visits are possible. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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